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Papillon (L’envolée) is an outdoor, site-specific work that combines hip-hop and contemporary dance aesthetics, juxtaposing three short solos in order to explore the fine lines between order and disorder. Inspired by chaos theory and mathematical equations, it speaks of metamorphosis, the cyclical nature of the self – change, loss, grief, acceptance and growth – the strangeness that lives inside us, finding freedom in confinement, loneliness and togetherness, singularity and similarity, and the importance of human connection. A modular, puzzle-like performance that can be adapted to various performance settings.

Creation : Helen Simard, in collaboration with the team

Performers : Nindy Banks, Mecdy Jean-Pierre, Victoria Mackenzie, Rémy Saminadin, Roger White, Ted Yates
Understudies : Marie-Reine Kabasha, Ja James Britton Johnson
Artistic Consultants : Alexandra Landé, Stephanie Fromentin, Sophie Corriveau

Financial Support

Canada Council for the Arts

Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

Conseil des arts de Montréal


Creation Residencies

Espace 100lux

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