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NO FUN__1_Helen Simard_photo by_Frederic

Photo: Frederic Chais

Loud. In your face. Sexual but not sexy.

Three dancers and four musicians let loose in an overdose of movement and sound, in a totally excessive choreographic punk rock delirium that laughs in the face of failure, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Inspired by Iggy Pop's early performances as the lead singer of The Stooges, NO FUN is an exhilaratingly strange and absolutely exaggerated performance that threatens to fall apart at any moment. The most raw, over the top installement of the Iggy Pop trilogy.

NO FUN was created with the support of: Département de danse de l'UQAM, Mainline Theatre.

Creation (Choregraphy, direction, text): Helen Simard (in collaboration with the team)
Performers: Stephanie Fromentin, Emmalie Ruest, Sébastien Provencher, Rémy Saminadin, Todd Tolls, Roger White, Ted Yates
Dramaturgical support: George Stamos
Lighting Design and Technical Direction: Benoit Larivière
Set: Loic Woehrel,Helen Simard
Stage Manager: holly Greco 


2016 Buddies in Bad Times Award for Risk and Innovation (Nomination)

2014 Prix pour la créativité, Festival Fringe de Montréal (Gagnant)

2014 Meilleure chorégraphie, Festival Fringe de Montréal (Nomination)

A spectacle about spectacle, specifically the spectacle and communal experience of rock. Three musicians and four dancers manage to recreate the impression of a rock concert, with all of the hip thrusting and piercing screams and bodily gyrations that entails. […] The movement gives the impression of chaos but it’s clear that the performers are always in control, which is a difficult and delicate balance to hit.

— Lisa McKeown,

My Entertainment World

On a trajectory toward exhausted oblivion, the entire cast is mesmerizing and energetic. […] NO FUN was in fact lots of fun, juxtaposing chaotic bursts of nonsense with more synchronized group movement, each working its own kind of magic.

—Kathleen Smith, The Dance Current

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