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Photo: Jules Bédard

Part dance show, part rock concert, and part hallucination… IDIOT is a true symbiosis between music, dance and poetry that offers an incredible aesthetic experience while confronting spectators with their own vulnerability. In a universe governed by strangeness, this melancholic and dreamlike show highlights the absurdity of our existence, leaving audiences perplexed but far from indifferent. Inspired by Iggy Pop’s Berlin period — where the godfather of punk rubbed shoulders with David Bowie, brutalist achitecture, and avant garde aesthetics—, three musicians and four dancers embarque on a quest for meaning, through this world where nothing seems coherent or just. They resist their own undoing in this punk-rock rite of passage that dives deep into the delusions of our existence, while finding beauty in that which is uncontrollable and unjust. The most unnerving and emotional installement of the Iggy Pop trilogy.

IDIOT  was created with the support of: La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines, Département de danse de l'UQAM, Mainline Theatre.

Creation (Choregraphy, direction, text): Helen Simard (in collaboration with the team)
Performers: Stacey Désilier, Stephanie Fromentin, Jackie Gallant, Sébastien Provencher, Emmalie Ruest, Roger White, Ted Yates
Text and dramaturgical support: Mathieu Leroux

Dramaturgical support: George Stamos
Lighting Design and Technical Direction: Benoit Larivière
Sound Engineer: Jody Burkholder
Stage Manager: holly Greco 

Deliberately unnerving, absurd, and nonsensical, Simard’s dreamlike concept and creation is a phenomenon of paradoxes: it’s a display of physical and metaphorical juxtaposition of light and darkness; it’s furiously chaotic and delivered with abandon and at once harmonious and composed; it’s piercing and all the while wholly engulfing.

— Camila Fitzgibbon,

Montreal Theatre Hub

It’s raw, it’s direct, it’s brutal, and it’s beautiful. Helen Simard manages both to move us and make us laugh with Idiot. It makes you want to fall back into Pop’s discography, and to reinvent the world in your own fashion.

— Louis-Philippe Labreche,

Le Canal Auditif

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